Apr 1, 2014


I'm in the grocery store looking for something to cook, walking up and down the aisles, you  know... "Spark ones interest".  So I'm in the produce section, mouth watering with all the possibility's and my mind flips to paintings and all those possibility's.  I run back to my car, get the camera and I'm setting up things to paint.  The manager watching this craziness, then realizing I was safe walked off.  I got what I wanted both with photos for paintings but also a fine idea for dinner.  Pouched Salmon with a curry and brown sugar rub, thin slices of these peppers made over hot coals and roasted veggies served with ice cold Gazpacho and crusty beer bread from my sons company "Just-add-beer-bread"   Really good stuff I must say...
This painting is a 6x6 oil on mounted board to a varnished box ready for a wall.   

Mar 14, 2014



Sitting, I listened patiently to stories, never interrupting this most proper of ladies.  It gave me time to see her, maybe for the first time.  I looked deep into her eyes and thought of all that she has seen.  I listened to her words and the sound of her voice, sometimes trailing off in her thoughts.  It mattered not, it was just nice sitting, listening and having one more cup.  

This oil painting is painted on a 6x6x1.5 deep varnished wooden box...