May 1, 2016


                                                        "L.A. DRIZZLE"
                                                             24x24 oil

My continued fascination with what happens to light when out of focus has become a  wonderful dance when I am painting it...  First, I must understand what makes the blur, then how to paint it and still keep some semblance of recognition of subjects.  Truly a joy to pull off.   Then, just to make it look even more blurry, I paint crystal clear rain drops in-front of all,  accentuating the abstraction of light even further...    

Apr 21, 2016


                                                       "MICKEY'S DELI"
                                                       6x6 oil on panel

I think sometimes the best places to eat is in little dive's.  Some have great personality and most have been in their same location for years.  All have the same red vinyl seats and counters so one can watch the cook slap down a burger, onions and bun.  Then comes the fries and that oh so familiar smell of used oil.  You watch the cook shake the basket of fries with one hand, flip the burger with the other, like a well choreographed dance from a pro.  It's at this point you know you are home, waiting with great anticipation for a mouth watering treat.

This will be at this summers Laguna art Festival, for all other inquires Email me At:  

Apr 15, 2016


                                                        6x6 oil on wood

There are time when I have to just stop, step away from the vortex of being sucked into texting, face time, tv and the madness of chatter of who said what to whom.  WOW!.. It was time to slowdown, take a deep breath and open my eyes and mind and take a moment.

Apr 4, 2016


                                                         6X6 oil on panel

The train tracks are now silent but once they supported people and this meant goods, feed, clothing, jobs, families, schools, and store’s.... life! Now they sit quietly over the never ending current of water rusting, except for the occasional tagger giving it a sense of time if one stops long enough to look.

This painting along with other works by will be at the Festival of arts in Laguna Beach CA this summer.  For info: 

Mar 31, 2016


                                                          "A TRAVELER"
                                                          6x6 oil on panel

I stood and felt the warmth of the setting sun on my back.  The grove of trees lie ahead and from where I was standing couldn't see much further.  Like my life, I wondered what was beyond.  I knew both are parallel to each other and in time, all will be revealed, but for now; it is a conundrum.  After all… I am only a traveler.

for further questions email me

Mar 13, 2016

"4TH ST."

                                                    "4TH ST. SALOON"
                                                    24x24 oil on canvas

Last winter, while in Minnesota, my son took me to some great breweries and I had some of the best beers I have had... So cruising around I spot this that I had to photograph and paint.   Stopping here and there, tasting along the way was a wonderful opportunity.  So for now I post this snapshot of a moment and in time I will know if I am finished.
He uses a lot of these for his #justaddbeerbread Amazing bread. 

Feb 22, 2016


                                                       oil on canvas 24x24

There was that time when life seamed so innocent.  I bike ride to no place in particular by ones self, sleep underneath tall eucalyptus without a care and watch clouds meandering overhead.   Even the possibility of rain, who cares!  It was a La Dee DA time, wasn't it?   Tell me it was.
 This is what I wanted to capture.  I wanted to feel innocent again even for a moment.

This will be in this summers show in Laguna Beach CA

Feb 15, 2016


                                                           "THE JOURNEY"
                                                         24X24 oil on canvas

There comes that time when one has to see what is down that road.  It is hard to say no to that calling.  Leaving can be a challenge but, with blue skies ahead and endless possibilities, the moment has come to say goodbye to the old and say hello to a new journey.  In painting this, I too went on a journey.  I wanted to express the vastness of life, the scale of the boy to the barn and the lands before him. It took a long time for me to feel what I wanted to convey, and like the boy, I ventured out and feel I have achieved  that goal.   

This painting is available and will be at this summers Laguna Beach Festival of Arts in Southern California. 

Jan 25, 2016


                                                  "TANGERINE SUNSET"
                                                    10X10"  oil on canvas

With so many sunsets to choose from to paint, I came across this photograph I had taken when there was still film.   Not knowing how long ago I took this I thought "why not paint it"? In seeing the coloring of the photo, there was a feeling of nostalgia and simpler times or so it seemed.  We speed through a year, text for talking, stop remembering phone numbers for its all in the iCloud... I'm glad I paint for I get to step back in those moments and reside there for a time.   So now I'll post this, put it on Facebook, web-site, email back comments and check my iPhone for any up-dates.   Yes! I'm a tech junkie when not painting, lucky me.
For inquiries of purchasing, 

Jan 22, 2016


                                                           "ALLEY CATS"
                                                          6x6" oil on panel

Those late night misty wet evening, strolling down, distant sounds. voices somewhere, someone is cooking, T.Vs. talking, walking with you and your thoughts and those alley cats,
yeah! those alley cats. 

Jan 5, 2016


                                                    "MORNING STROLL"
                                                     10x10" oil on canvas

Waking up early in Minnesota I decided to bundle up and hit the cold air.  It was a quiet  Sunday, the snow from the other night was doing a slow melt, long shadows, clear blue skies and glistening white snow was what I was looking for.
Holding my camera in my beginning to freeze hands I began to click away.  I must say, It all made for a perfect morning stroll.  

This painting is available with a quick E-mail      

Dec 31, 2015


                                                        14X14 oil on canvas      

So, I'm on my way home, and I just come up and over the pass and this is what I see.  It took me a bit to find my camera, turn it on and aim it out my windshield in time to see the last bit of light.   It was a long drive, soon I will be home in my own bed and it will be goodnight.         

Dec 22, 2015


                                                   "BIRDS ON A WIRE"
                                                   oil on canvas 24x24"

An early morning ride down a quiet street.  People just starting to get up and no one on the road.  I even kept my music down not to break the silence that surrounded me.   I parked and got out and standing in the middle of the road I could feel the stillness.  The only sign of life was the birds on the wire with a few that took flight.  One click of the camera and a new painting was going to come to life.  

Dec 10, 2015


                                              "ENCHANTED WALK" 6X6" on panel

So I'm looking for something to step back from my sky series when I find this little beauty.
Nice little challenge to pull off I set up my 6x6 inch archive panel and begin a most enchanting journey down this road.   Hours later feeling the joy in painting this, I am now ready for a very interesting one hundred degrees opposite direction so stay tuned...
But for now, please enjoy an enchanted walk into this new painting.   

Nov 29, 2015

"matineee at 7

                                                       "Matinee at 7" oil 30x30

The sun was inching its way closer to the earth with the clouds rushing away in slow motion.
Standing in the middle of the street I watched the knight come into its own.  Soon the movie would start, people already inside are missing the best show, and its free, its all free.

Nov 23, 2015


                                                  "HARVEST" a 6x6" oil on wood

Loving the open plans and fields alike I know I had to paint this.  I took countless photos of the American plains when traveling to shows back east.  Still love looking at what I takes to harvest the lands and all the hard work that goes into it.   I wanted to do this and I will be working on some larger canvass of said subject.  Stay tuned for that post.


                                                "FOLDS" a 6x6 oil on wood

An enjoyable study and delightful departure from my other large canvass.  This was a study of a foil bag that I had crinkled up till I liked how it looked, took a series of photos, chose one and began to develop in stages.  Just when I thought I was finished I would start painting more.  So for now or until this sells I will add a little here and little there.   

Oct 23, 2015

New Painting

                                                       24X24 oil on canvas

This painting was from a photograph from a great dentist friend who does some crazy mountain biking and takes great photos.... This was a big storm that rolled through AZ.
The stones are  a photo from my Sons lady friend in Minnesota.  In other words, two people where kind enough to allow me to use my skills and combine both scenes in order  to create this painting.

Oct 2, 2015

San Clemente

                                                       "SAN CLEMENTE"

  This painting is a culmination of three photographs as references to give this painting the mood and depth I desired.   I must give a shout to two good friends.  Here is the YouTube video of the painting.  A must thank you to Cathy for sending  some of the landscape photos and the music for the video is my good friend Sammy Joe as seen on my faceBook

Aug 22, 2015


                                                                "MORNING HAZE"
                                                                 24x24 oil on canvas

With morning haze giving a soft focus to the sky and sea where they meet became a metaphor of my journey.   The pursuit in searching for other ways of talking about subjects such as skies, waves, land or even objects is an interesting journey to say the least.  I must satisfy myself above all and I must appeal to an audience that is for the most part not familiar with what art is.  This is where the lines blur for I recognize my audience is small and yet when that one stops and gets what I am trying to say my journey is clear and the horizon comes into focus.  

Aug 16, 2015


                                                          "EASY SUNDAY"
                                                          6X6" oil on wood

It was late in the day when I arrived in Santa Monica.   The meeting was cancelled giving me a chance to just stroll the shore.  The sun setting and the sky turning wonderful warm shades made for a great backdrop for the pier and memories.  

Aug 5, 2015


                                                      "MONDAY BLUES"
                                                     6X6inch oil on wood

A few weeks ago we had a great needed downpour.  All the dust was washed away, all plants got a good drink, the air is clearer.  All this is good, BUT! For me it meant running around with my iPhone taking pictures for my rain series.. This petites oeuvres d' art that you see just might become a large canvas.... There is more to come so stay tuned..

Aug 4, 2015


                                                            6x6" oil on wood

With the moon so full and a blue moon at that I had no choice but to paint the glare of it.
As many times as I have looked up at this glowing ball it still brings a smile and a Wow! that crosses my lips.  The simple beauty that it gives us all is immeasurable.   Every child looks and points to it.  The moon is magic, for when we stop to marvel, all troubles and negative thoughts vanish and for a brief moment we are one with all..    

Jul 31, 2015

New Black & White

                                                        "RAINS COMING"
                                                         6X6" oil on wood

I sat at the end of the field and waited.  The sky got darker, the winds picked up and the smell of rain was in the air.  I got out of there just in time for a crazy downpour was crazier so reported on the news.   It took three photos to get what I felt was needed for this painting.  (Sold)

Jul 29, 2015

"Oh! Laguna"

                                                             "OH! LAGUNA"
                                                            6X6" oil on wood

In the morning, a quiet walk along the path from Las Brisas past Heisler park is just a wonderful stroll.  This view is looking up almost for waters edge.  There are numerous steps down the the surf, some steep and wet with sand from the many surfers and swimmers alike.   Ah yes, I remember it well... I do indeed

Jul 26, 2015


                                                       "WINDMILL'S EAST"
                                                          6x6" oil on wood

Still heading East these giants loom over the hills and turn in slow motion almost hypnotic in there silence.   It doesn't mater whats on your mind, they wash away all negative thoughts and your left feeling good... Its true...    

Jul 25, 2015


                                                        "MORNING WHISPERS"
                                                               6X6" oil on wood

Up in the morning heading out to Palm Springs, catching the sun lighting the land is a thrill to see.  Off in the distance the windmills spinning magical whispers and a new day begins its journey.  So many changes, somethings becoming a new and others are leaving and in time will become like windmills spinning morning whispers.  

Jun 10, 2015


                                                         6X6 oil on wood

Catching the light at just the right moment as it changed within seconds and disappeared.
I was glad I took the picture.  It had been lost amongst hundreds of other photos from over the years.  I pined it to my studio wall and thought on it till finely I said OK! I'm ready for you.   

Jun 9, 2015


                                                           LAGUNA MOON
                                                            6X6 oil on wood

This is at the top of a hill above the festival of arts in Laguna Beach CA.. It is where most of the artists park.  On this evening the full moon had just pecked over the hill and eventually will set out at sea. (Sold)

Jun 6, 2015


                                                          oil on wood 6X6"

This is a little back off the main body of the lake.  We would shut the engine and drifted in in silence into these quiet spots.  Ether he or I would say quietly "Listen" and there was nothing, no sound, not even birds.  It was a place where I learned how to bass fish with one of the best.  He new just where to cast his line and seconds later, he would pull his rod up and reel in a bass... I was always in awe  and this same guy taught me the art of bass fishing.  (Sold)

Jun 4, 2015


                                                              6X6 oil on wood
Just a quiet spot, no one around, birds singing off in the distance, soothing sounds of water gently rolling of stones... Gosh! This is a great place to just lay-back and daydream the day a way.   


                                                                 "HIGHWAY 66"
                                                                 oil on wood 6x6"

Fallowing up from a large canvas painting I did of this same road I wanted to do a smaller version of same...  This will be in the up coming Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA this summer.

Jun 2, 2015


6X6" oil on wood

                    Not looking over the fence, I wonder who is living there.  Every now and then I would hear voices, music coming from the house, smell the barbeque and hear the clap, clap of the occasional backdoor screen shutting, then silence.   At times the house was dark for weeks.  Then, lights, and familiar voices come filtering through the fence and... they are home again.  It was just one of those times.  I was in my yard quietly reading a book listening to the chatter from next door when I was startled to hear from over the fence; 
Hi Neighbor!  

May 28, 2015


                                            "BOUND for SANTA FE"

I have made this run to Santa Fe numerous times and always find something new to photograph and turn into a painting.  This airstream shinny and new just gleamed in the sunshine, it was a must to take a picture of.   I wanted to paint it like an old sepia photo, all warm tones, I think I got it, don't you?    (Sold) 

May 12, 2015


                                                           "ON THE EDGE"
                                                        30x30 oil on canvas

Traveling on a back road with the city riding the horizon, flanked by the pacific on one side and dry grasses on the other it was truly on the edge.  I pulled of the road, knelt down to get closer to the ground thus accentuating the sky and sliver of life I took one photo.  It was to be my next painting.  

Apr 14, 2015


                                                       "EQUATION of SPACE"
                                                            24x24 oil (sold)

This is from one of many road trips with my sis.  I was traveling around doing art show, each was a crazy adventure onto them selves.   This painting was from traveling through the heartland with its endless horizons, but more then that; The combination of sky and land made for a mind bending visual effect on the senses and emotions, numbing and exhilarating, one could not exist without the other, thus the title of the painting. 

Apr 3, 2015


                                                                 "SOFT SNOW"
                                                              6X6inch oil on wood

It had snowed the night before, not a lot but enough to add to the already deep mounds.  It was late in the day with the sun making its way down when I decided to go for a walk.      Blocks from my sons house when I spotted the tracks in the soft snow.  Could have been a rabbit or the countless squirrels that lived all around us here in Minnesota.  Really beautiful place, and if not for him moving here, I would never have had the opportunity to go on this walk and do this painting.  Thanks Mitch!  

Apr 2, 2015

"Two New Works"

                                                       "LOOKING SOUTH"
                                                       6X6inch oil on wood  (Sold)

                                                          6X6 oil on wood

Being in Laguna Beach one has a plethora of things to pick to paint, from early mornings to full moons lighting up the sky.  Oh I know! Every place has multitudes of subjects worth painting, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to see these.   

Mar 28, 2015


                                                         6x6" oil on wood

The incline is like life itself.  We climb to the top to see what is out there, but we must stop and look around on the trip.   Because there is so much to see, we must enjoy the climb, every bit of it, for we will all get to the top, and the one thing you don't want to say when there is "Did I miss anything along the way?"