Mar 28, 2015


                                                         6x6" oil on wood

The incline is like life itself.  We climb to the top to see what is out there, but we must stop and look around on the trip.   Because there is so much to see, we must enjoy the climb, every bit of it, for we will all get to the top, and the one thing you don't want to say when there is "Did I miss anything along the way?"

Mar 27, 2015


                                                       "DRY GRASSES"
                                                     6x6inch oil on wood

With the city in the distance and miles of dry grasses it was hard to ignore the change in the climate.  It seems I just remember greener times.  Those words we here from the weather reporters, "UNSEASONABLY WARMER" Hmm! I do wonder why.... So! For me, I get to paint some interesting color combinations, rich rusts with good blue backgrounds, big puffy clouds.  All great stuff, don't you think?  Just say'in        

Mar 26, 2015


                                                           "LAGUNA MORNING"
                                                         a 6x6 inch study on wood

After months of painting only my large canvass it feels so good to return to my small studies on wood.  To do these is slowing down my thoughts, working with small brushes, blending and re-blending, all to capture so much in such a small space.  It is both challenging and rewarding.  This big sky is took place one morning with the sun just making its way above the hills in South Laguna Beach, illuminating this band clouds that disappeared to the horizon.   It was a must stop and catch ones breath.  Such a beautiful planet, do take care of her. 

Mar 21, 2015

Here is #12 for the SCRAPBOOK SERIES"

                                                          "WIND & CLOUDS"
                                                         30X30 oil on canvas

I'm not sure just when I took this picture, but at the time my thought of painting it was far, faraway.  I was North on the Interstate 5 heading up to Redlands, California when I pulled off onto a little road with a sign that said "DEAD END".  So! I of course had to see where this might take me.   Well, much to my delight, 8 miles into this drive this is what I found.  Taking one photo using film of the time.   Putting this photo away with all the rest of forgotten shots  I found it and said to self, "Hello!" Here is another for my scrapbook series.... Nice find.

Another for the 'SCRAPBOOK SERIES" #11

                                                    "BARBED WIRE & RAINDROPS"
                                                                  30X30 oil

There are times when one is just in the right spot and the right time.  Pulling off on the side of the road, I excited my car to see the sun beginning its journey to the other side of the earth.  I garbed my camera and spotted these two posts in an empty field and thought there's  a nice composition.  Squatting down I took aim and clicked off four photos knowing this is a painting.   The other was raindrops that I truly love painting, putting the two together I new would make a nice painting for my series.         

Feb 28, 2015

#10 " For the "SCRAPBOOK SERIES"

                                                    "SHADES OF GRAY"
                                                     24x24 oil on canvas

Where I was standing I could see the clouds building and the trees started to rustle and sway back and forth.  The sky turned dark, the clouds began to expand and move toward me.  I headed back inside just in time with the first drops beginning to fall. I stood in the comfort of the home and watched the clouds and sky turn beautiful shades of gray.
I thought to myself... Here's another painting.     
this painting can be seen on YouTube

Feb 26, 2015


                                                    "AFTER THE RAINS"
                                                     24x24 oil on canvas

The rains had stopped.  At times it was as though the sky had opened up and all the water in the heavens came down at once.  With the earth not being able to hold any more water, this was a perfect time for me to go take a look.   Camera in hand, I headed out to find that something, It was then, with the sun beginning its descent, lighting up sky and clouds and giving a fabulous encore performance to the now present pond, I found just what I was looking to paint.  
This painting will be on display at this summers up coming show in Laguna Beach California.

Feb 21, 2015

another for the "SCRAPBOOK SERIES"

                                                          "SANTA MONICA WEST"
                                                               24x24 oil on canvas

Always looking for subjects to paint and being a part of Southern California the subject matter is endless.  With camera in hand or now with my iPhone and its ability to take really good photos I am at the ready.  This is just one of those right place, right time and I got a something to paint.

Feb 17, 2015


                                                             "PALM SPRINGS RUN"
                                                           24x24 oil on canvas

I remember getting up early and making this Palm Spring run.    I was just in time see the morning sun come up giving a shout out to all... "I'M HERE"   At that moment I balanced my camera on the steering wheel firing off countless shots thinking; There's got to be a painting in there someplace.   This painting is part of my on going "SCRAPBOOK SERIES" that will soon become a book.    

Feb 13, 2015


                                                  "ROMANCE IN PARADISE"
                                                        14x14 oil on canvas

With warm breezes and everything left somewhere far faraway, its time to kick back, have something cool in your hand to sip on, distant island music, a love one close by.  All that said;  Now if no-one says something stupid.... Its "Romance in Paradise"  

Feb 7, 2015


                                             "OPEN" 14X14 oil on canvas

I first posted this Jan7 2015 but since then and now knowing at that time, I just might not be finished with it.  And sure enough I was not tell now.  The changes I feel have made a big difference and now I can sign this painting and add it to the ongoing collection. 

Feb 4, 2015


                                                   "FRIENDS & LOVERS"
                                                      14x14 oil on canvas

I have thought about all the things that surround us and have found all things are in sets of two's.  For insistence; Night & Day, Light & Dark, Hot & Cold, Good & Yes you guessed it.. Bad. So you see where I am going with this and if you are like me, you will come up with so many more that it will make your head spin.  Thus, the title to my painting.  The two are sun┼Źnumos with each or at least should be.   Being the romantic, I can't think of a better combo then Friends & Lovers.

Jan 31, 2015


                                                       14x14 oil on canvas

The name of this painting has so many meanings for me.  This place was a discovery, my direction on the never-ending hunt for what I want to say and how to do that is a discovery...  I must let go, for to hold on means I stay in one place and I won't do that;  So discovery is a new me and that spell's freedom.

Jan 28, 2015


                                                         "VACATION TIME"
                                                         oil on canvas 14x14

We plan for trips to who knows where.  Its maps, internet, note pads of info till that moment when you say OK! Lets Go...  However long the trip is, its over in a flash and you're back home.  Its back to work, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, laundry and life.  But late in the evening when all is quiet you open the scrapbook and return to memories, and if only for a moment, its vacation time. 

Jan 17, 2015


                                                           "QUIET WALK"
                                                       14x14 oil on canvas

This is the beginning of a new series called "THE SCRAPBOOK" Not sure how many will be a part of this, but I must say I am really enjoying what I just painted and excited about what is coming.   This is from an old photo that I obtained and the memory of how I have forgotten.  But no-mater I must paint on and continue to look for more in my scrapbook.

Jan 7, 2015


                                          "OPEN" 14X14X1.5 deep canvas

The hunt for subject is a constant.  It is like trying to find the right words to explain something.  Never knowing when it will arrive in your head so you have that "A-ha" moment.   Well, I just had that moment and now I'm off and running.   I'm looking at all the canvass that I have stretched and prepared for this moment.... I am really looking forward to this next year with this new series... Standby... 

Dec 19, 2014

"Roasted & Ready"

                                           6x6 oil on wood "everything red"

As much as I love painting I love cooking.  There is an interesting correlation between the two.  Each needs to be planned and figured out as to what comes first, the coloring or the look of the presentation and then  what it is going to be presented on so the palate and eyes can feast.  So much to think about, but for now, its back to the kitchen, I mean studio... 

See you on the next corner.



Dec 17, 2014


                                                                6X6 oil on wood

Just another fantastic day in Laguna Beach...  This is one of the storms that  past through making great waves  rumbling the shores along the coast.   Love paintings theseThe problem is there are so many subjects to choose from.  OK! Back to the easel, time is a wasting.  See you around the next corner.

Dec 16, 2014

South San Clemente

                                           6x6 / oil on wood / "horizon line"

After a long time I have returned to my skies.  I suppose I never really left them, I say that for I felt they danced in the background of my thoughts.  It was like an almost nu-audible voice saying paint me.  So! Hello again, the series continues..

Dec 10, 2014


With snow coming down I drove in silence.  The muffled sound of the road let my thoughts melted away like the snow flakes turning to droplets only to vanish and return again; and to think!  All this took place in my imaginary reality staring at a blank canvas.

This painting is 20x20 For questions a simple email

Dec 3, 2014


My challenge is two fold; first is picture the right subject, second is to get the right drops to make a total image.  Sometimes everything comes together in one photo but even with that I always add or subtract things giving the rhythm I am looking for to make my painting work.
  This painting is in oils on a 30x12 inch canvas gallery wrapped

Nov 14, 2014


                                        "L.A. BOUND" / UP CLOSE & PERSONAL

Funny how lost I got with ear-buds plugged into my head and wipers keeping in time to the music, made an hours drive seem like a blink.... I had to stop and think, did I run any lights, did I do anything foolish?  Coming up to the next stoplight gave me time to look out of my windshield and take in the rain and bright-lights. I love this kind of night.

This painting is 14x14x1.5" on canvas    

Nov 6, 2014

"Long Beach"

                                                   "long beach" 14x14 oil

Continuing on the series "Up Close & Personal" this is yet another.  With the light diminishing setting at a stop light it was perfect.  One shot with my iPhone and I was on my way with another image to be painted.

Nov 5, 2014

"Santa Monica"

                                                     "santa monica" 14x14

This is one of an ongoing series of paintings about light, rain and what happens when camera focus's on just the drops of water.  For me it is a magical moment both to see and then paint.   Stay tuned for more.  

Oct 14, 2014


                          "oil on wood size: 6x6x1.5 inch. get it now for $160 + s/h

 Knowing this was going to be a wonderful sunset I pull off on the shoulder kicking up gravel and dust.   I shut the engine, get out of my van and head out about 50 yards into the darkening desert.   After a time I found a place to get this shot.  I knelt down using these two posts of what was left of a fence protecting a long forgotten covered up hole in the ground.  Anyway, they made for a nice composition for this crazy artist out on the highways.
Tell next time.  Catch ya on the way back.