Aug 17, 2014


A spine off from a much larger painting.  The original is 36x36, this is 6x6 inches.. This was painted for Donna Bond, the side kick to Paul Bond another fellow artist at the festivals .  How fun to be in there home with one of my works. (Sold)

Jun 23, 2014


As the sun kisses the hill top, stretching shadows till they give up letting the light surround  and revel all the beauty in color.  A new daybreak begins.
This is a 6x6x1.5 inch oil on wood, ready t be varnished and presented to the world on July5th at the Festival of Artst    (Sold)

Jun 20, 2014


Not really sure how I come to this photo, but loving it enough to want to paint it.   Taking liberties I changed it enough to make it mine I set out on an interesting journey of colors.  I knew full well I would use this palette again.... So much more to learn, how exciting..
This is a 6x6x1.5 inch wooden varnished box.

Jun 19, 2014


Always a joy to go down to Balboa island and take some photos and maybe get one I would like to paint... Well! I did, I found this lonely little skiff  just bobbin in the water all tide up and no place to go.... I almost felt like taking it out but I refrained, oh well, I'll just stick to painting it.   This is a 6x6x1.5 inch oil on wood mounted to a varnished box ready for a wall in your home.  

Jun 13, 2014


                                                     6x6inch oil on wood

Hanging out in Santa Monica on a summers early evening makes for some naughty foods to eat.   You know!... Hotdogs, hotdogs on a stick, deep fried, yum...  Thus I go down every few years.  See, I love good bad foods, yes its a oxymoron but you get what I mean... 
This is painted on birch wood mounted to a 1.5 deep varnished box ready to hang.  (Sold)

May 28, 2014

Final Painting

                                                              "I'M HOME!"
My final and last painting for this summers show was a long time in its making.   You see, I started months ago painting an idea I had for a night scene.   After working on it for three weeks I awoke when it was still dark and decided, "no", that is not what I want.  I painted over all that I had accomplished with this black & white landscape and the same thing happened again, another three weeks came to an end.    To give myself some space from whatever I was looking for, I worked on my small 6x6in studies on wood.   Photographing them I would save the images in my files.  In doing so I found a little painting I did some five years ago.  I stopped dead in my tracks and I knew this is what I was looking for.   I had found the subject and mood I so disparately needed.  Two months of frustrations melted away with each brushstroke as this 36x36 painting came to life.  It was then, I knew I was home at last. 

 Also for this and others stop by:

May 15, 2014


 Visiting my Son, I drove around with him as he was conducting business.
 He was finding more outlets for his So on this day I was kickback letting him do all the work and I was just able to enjoy his company.
All this was taking place in Minnesota.  Fantastic visual place for me to capture ideas for painting.  We had just turned a corner when there it was, "the corner Drug store"
A painting waiting to happen.  Only needed one photo and here you have the results.
This 6x6inch by 1.5" deep cradled varnished box painted in oil is ready for this summers greatest show here in Laguna Beach.   

May 13, 2014


Just a Sunday walk on the peninsula, camera in hand, letting my mind wonder and hoping something will catch my attention to do some more small painting.  I have been so caught up in working on large canvass, I lost my way with the small studies I so love to do.    Then there it was, the red gleaming in the sunshine.  I focused my camera, cropping all but this.  Click! I got what I needed...  This 6x6inch painting is on wood that has been mounted to a varnished box and is available with a simple email to ME 

May 3, 2014


So I'm in the market looking around for what ells to add to to nights dinner for four.
I'm making my dry rub roast chicken, roasted small red potatoes, a package of my sons "just-add-beer-bread" mix and I'm adding to that caramelized garlic.  It is all going to be good I must say, it was at that point of walking past the veggie part of the store and there they where, peppers, just what I needed, roast these puppies off and I'm good to go...    This painting is a 6x6x1.5inc square varnished box.

Apr 23, 2014


Heading down the 405 at 4:45.  Steady rain for the last 
hour.  Cars throwing up water.  My FM tuned to 95.5.
Me,  I'm just splash'in down the 405 at 4:45 .

oil on canvas, 36X60

Apr 1, 2014


I'm in the grocery store looking for something to cook, walking up and down the aisles, you  know... "Spark ones interest".  So I'm in the produce section, mouth watering with all the possibility's and my mind flips to paintings and all those possibility's.  I run back to my car, get the camera and I'm setting up things to paint.  The manager watching this craziness, then realizing I was safe walked off.  I got what I wanted both with photos for paintings but also a fine idea for dinner.  Pouched Salmon with a curry and brown sugar rub, thin slices of these peppers made over hot coals and roasted veggies served with ice cold Gazpacho and crusty beer bread from my sons company "Just-add-beer-bread"   Really good stuff I must say...
This painting is a 6x6 oil on mounted board to a varnished box ready for a wall.   

Mar 14, 2014


Sitting, I listened patiently to stories, never interrupting this most proper of ladies.  It gave me time to see her, maybe for the first time.  I looked deep into her eyes and thought of all that she has seen.  I listened to her words and the sound of her voice, sometimes trailing off in her thoughts.  It mattered not, it was just nice sitting, listening and having one more cup.  

This oil painting is painted on a 6x6x1.5 deep varnished wooden box...   (Sold)

Mar 12, 2014


there are time I... just... don' talk....  Invariably, someone will pick up the phone and say "Hello!.... Who do you want to speak with?"  Then, with there arm outstretched to you...Grinning... They always grin...  You say in a quiet, teeth clinched, bug eyed dagger stare... I... TOLD YOU....I... Am...NOT... HOME...

Gosh! those where the days... Now! We look at our cell phone and "Click" and the person is lost in cyber space... Or you see the caller on your TV screen and if not in the mood... click.  But! in all fairness, this phone is really kinda cool...   Don't you think???

This petite peinture measures 6x6"  and is in oils on a varnished wooden box.  (Sold)    

Mar 6, 2014


Back at the restaurant, after having a really good lunch, my wife and I ordered pie Ala mode, we said it at the same time.   Smiling, we grabbed our forks and made quick work of it before the ice-cream even had a chance to melt....   This 6x6 petite peinture oil on wood is can be yours with just a quick E-Mail  (Sold)

Mar 5, 2014


While I was in visiting I stopped at a restaurant that was filled with memorabilia.  I ordered a chicken pot pie and I must say it was really good.  Cant remember when the last time I had one.  I was just about finished when I looked up at this wooden box with stuff, and a flashback of memories came pouring in when I was just a young boy.  Standing I took aim with my iphone and took on  shot....  I just had to paint this sweet little 6x6"  Hope it brings memories for you too. (Sold)

Feb 28, 2014

"storm front"

This was just days ago.  You can see this monster out at sea coming.  There was a slight breeze at first, kind of a prelude to what was hopefully to come.  California was in need of rain so all eyes where fixed on this... Finely! Its here.... Love it... 

Feb 25, 2014

"what do you see"

About two years ago, I was strolling, camera in-hand on balboa peninsula in Newport beach CA..
I was on a hunt to find something I could commit to canvas.   I shot this and that, got a yummy balboa bar  and continued looking for that just right subject.  I was just about to take the faerie back to the mainland when I almost walked by "Psychic Readings" a place that has been there for 30 years that I know of.   I did my dance with my camera and after only a hand full of photos I knew I had what would be my next painting.... This is a 40x40 oil... 

Jan 15, 2014

"picking cotton"

Yes I kept the title simple, I did that for I found naming it most difficult after thinking about what this little flower is and its meaning.  I found this steam off the side of a large field with rows and rows of cotton.   I stopped to pick it up with the intent of painting it, in doing this I pricked my finger on the sharp underside of this very soft white fluff of a flower.  Back at my studio I placed the cotton this way and that to see how to light it for the composition I wanted.  I began to think that with this and millions more like it, the fabrics of every conceivable color is spun into amazing everyday things that we use and wear.... Just amazing...  All this said, I return to me pricking my finger and a thought I of "What it must have been like to pick this in the time of hands and all those brothers and sisters in the hot summer fields bending to the earth" ...  Without laboring on my thoughts, I just wanted to perhaps make others stop, if only for a moment to remember the past and all those hands.

This oil painting is on a 6"x6"x 1.5 "wood box,for price email me "AT"   

Jan 6, 2014

"goodbye darkness hello sunshine"

After hours of darkness and my mind drifting from one thing to another.   At times wondering if I was on the road or not with blocks of time missing "you all know what I am talking about".  It was just one of those moments when I snapped to only to realize, "Its morning!" How did that happen?
Looking into my review and seeing that sun blaring at my back, pushing me into a new day I shouted out... Goodbye darkness, Hello sunshine....   This oil painting is a 40x40 and will be in this summers Laguna Beach summers show.. The video can be seen on YouTube

Dec 18, 2013

"evening lights"

Another painting from my friends patio thanks to the photograph supplied to me by the lady of the house.  In setting here, enjoying good company, good wine and looking out at this ever changing view I was struck by the fact that if I wanted to just paint skies, the supply of beauty would be endless... Oh well... I'll stick with the few I get to paint... Yes! I'll have another glass please.     This painting in oils an another of my maquette's on 6x6" varnished wood box's.

 Also if one clicks here, my YouTube video of the painting of "evening lights" can be seen.

Dec 15, 2013

Dec 11, 2013


Thanks to a friends eye with her camera, she sent me several photos of this view.  So after a long hiatus, I chose this to paint, it was just what I needed to open the door to madness and love of painting. This breath taking view high-a-top in in the hills of Turtle Rock in Orange County is the view my friends have from there patio.   I have had the pleasure of setting with them sipping on a fine glass of wine looking out at this. This Marquette is a 6x6" oil. I am here to say I am back in the game. (Sold)

Jul 29, 2013


           Driving around in San Fernando Vally a short time back, it had just stopped raining.
           The sky changing colors with both the clouds moving out and the coming of night, a 
           wonderful clean glow of colors came to life.  The wet streets, head and tall lights 
          repeating on the now shinny streets was a sure thing for this 30x36" painting.

May 11, 2013

Apr 19, 2013


One of the most iconic corners but on a rainy night, photographed in low light and low speed, it became just this wonderful abstraction of colored blurry lights moving through the night.  It was one shot as I had to start driving  thus ending the beeping from the person behind me...  When I got home and was able to see my handy work with camera, I new; it was time for a painting to begin.... This is a 40x34 oil on canvas and will be at the Laguna Arts Festival starting July 1 to Aug 30...   

Apr 11, 2013


After driving for about10 hours and knowing I was wanting to stop soon, get a bite to eat, stretch the legs and find a place to shower and get some sleep.  All those thoughts where running around in my head when I came upon this motel in the  middle of no-place.  I pulled in, got out of my drive, looked around and thought... Nah!.... Keep going....
This is painting was done from a photo taken by a wonderful photographer and friend 
"Marc Evens":   Check him out...
This painting is done on the front of a varnished wooden box, 6x6" by 1.5 in depth, for punches and price email me "AT" (SOLD)

Apr 10, 2013


New painting for this summers show.  I must say this was a labor of love to get it to work like I wanted.   Lots of transformations and many hours of studying just where to place all that is going on.
I worked from lots of photographs to give me the composition  in telling this story.
The painting is 36x36 inches oil on canvas.   This most likely will be shown in the opening night of the show...  I will be posting more in a few days.  Hope you enjoy.  

Mar 16, 2013


6X6 oil on birch wood

Up early heading back into Orange County, I stopped an grab a coffee and doughnut, you know, one of those chocolate glazes, I love those, I don't often stop and.... Sorry for digressing away from my... Where was I!... Oh yeah... heading back to O.C....  I look up and the Hollywood sign is just waking up with the fog despairing  from it along with me.  I get back in my van and start winding my why up La Brea past Melrose tell I find a spot to pull over and take two photos.  Back in my studio I take a look at my handy-work  and here you have it, Hollywood in the morning.  
This is painted on a 6x6" 1.5" deep varnished box and is available.  "AT" (Sold)

Mar 14, 2013


"6x6 oil on birch wood "

This painting is a culmination of different times during the day as the sun moved the shadow's over  the field of mustard flowers.  I just sat and stared it the beauty.  The shades of greens, the soft and evenness of the flowers, the silence, all made everything seem good even if only for a moment. 
I think that is why I painted this, I can return to that time and feel it all over again. (SOLD)

Feb 19, 2013


Some time back I painted this and lost the page it was on...  So I'm presenting it again.
It was taken while I was spending time with my son in Minnesota.  it was a cold day when we went for a walk, I wondered off with camera in hand and photographed this knowing it will be a painting.
This oil on birch wood is 6x8" and set on a 1.5" deep varnished box.  (SOLD)

Jan 27, 2013


LA evening and another ride back home.  I'm driving all by myself lost in thoughts with my CD playing music that I DJ for drives like this.   My love for music is really an eclectic ranging from "Pink Martini" to "Steve Oliver"and "Neil Young"... The bottom line is, music is a big part of my life and is on all the time moving my mind around like clear liquid.  So... driving around listening to music gives me time to think and see colors and subjects I have yet to paint and talk about on canvas.  What can I say... It is the way of my life.  After all, somebody has to do it.  ;-}   
This 6x6" painting is on wood mounted to a varnished 1.5" deep box: "Available At"

Jan 26, 2013

"MY L.A."

There is just something that pulls me back to L.A. otherwise known as Los Angeles.  I grew up in LA with those towering palm trees, blue skies and all that it had to offer at that time in the late 40s, that's right I said late 40s, it even sounds strange to me, but that be the truth and now its 2013 so you do the math.  At that time the streets were field with so many electric and telephone poles with crisscrossing wires so as a kid looking up it seemed crowded.  Now as we travel around there is virtually none, especially with all our iPhone.  I don't even have a house phone, who needs one, we have cable and all those satellites that crowd the skies, we just cant see them now so its all good... Isn't it?   
This painting is an original oil, 6x6" on a wood 1.5" deep varnished box: "Available At"

Dec 17, 2012


I was walking along the soft marsh grounds taking pictures of the wet grasses, pools of water, shadows of sticks and their reflections, a butterfly taking its last drink before it gets to dark.   It was at that point that I looked up and turned just in time to see the sun making its way down to kiss the horizon.
I was so taken with natures beauty I forgot to take a picture but no-mater; I will remember this gift forever.  (SOLD)

Nov 7, 2012


Downtown USA on any given day.  When I was doing some of my road shows, traveling through small towns, stopping here and there to ether sleep or eat, I was taken by a feeling that time stood still.  It was like simplicity was alive and well, maybe even innocence prevailed amongst the youth; one can only hope and dream.   I call this painting "Flying High" seems so appropriate on this day of history making.    40x30 oil on canvas for this summers show.

Nov 6, 2012


Driving some of the back roads I would see farms, barns and dwellings of families all quietly set back far from neighbors and prying eyes.  I would wonder, who lives there and what are they like?   So many look welcoming enough, just void of life.  No Trespassing, Keep Out and Beware of Dog signs posted all weathered and faded indicating they have been up a long, long time.   Sadly I look and think, they're fenced in but can leave and I'm fenced out and can't get in.   After a time I put my car in gear and drive back home where all the homes are neatly lined up side by side, I open my electric garage door then close it behind me; after all, I have to making sure of my privacy. 
This is an original 6x6" oil on board mounted to a 1.5" deep box:  "Sold"


Nov 4, 2012


This was in Kansas City Missouri and a trip my sister and I took to see family.   We where just about to pass over train tracks when I stopped, got out of my van to stand near the tracks and take one single shot looking toward the city lights.  This painting is 34x34 by 2" deep canvas.  This painting is slated for next 2013 summer show.

Nov 2, 2012


                                                       " See on YouTube"

A quick trip up North, camera at the ready, clicking away at this and that I found myself in an open field, staring at the clouds, feeling the soft breeze, listening to the buzz of insects in the tall grasses. Back in my studio I let my mind drift in and out of ideas of what to paint and after a time I knew. (Sold)

Oct 29, 2012


                                               Please click on "YouTube" and see the movie.

This painting was made into a YouTube movie.  I thought long and hard what would be the steps in the filming of the painting.   After a time, I knew I had to paint four apples, then start painting the bits blending each to make it look like I was painting just one apple.... A really fun project and must say.  Each apple painting is a 6x6" square and can be purchased separately for $150+s/h or $600 and that would include shipping.  


The Great American Plains with its farms, barns, windmills, broken fences and miles of wide open spaces has and is a real love for this visual feast for my soul.  This painting named itself.  I know this shed was built many years ago, like so many of us, it no longer is straight, a little shaky and weathered with time, but still standing.    If you click on "YOUTUBE" there is a movie of the painting's journey. (SOLD)

Oct 19, 2012


It was late in the day when I pulled off the road and got out of my van.  Leaning up against it I stood looking at the house across from me.   I didn't see a telephone or electric pole anywhere.   I could just make out some chickens and goats and heard a dog barking.  I held my iPhone up to make

a call but no signal.  WOW, I thought, not to be able to go on line, what would I do with my 31 passwords that I need to stay in contact with all??....   I stared at the house across from me for sometime listening to the sounds of the earth and thought, "Such Simplicity".     
This 6x6" oil painting in on archival panel mounted to a varnished wooden box requiring no framing:  (SOLD)