Nov 14, 2014


                                        "L.A. BOUND" / UP CLOSE & PERSONAL

Funny how lost I got with ear-buds plugged into my head and wipers keeping in time to the music, made an hours drive seem like a blink.... I had to stop and think, did I run any lights, did I do anything foolish?  Coming up to the next stoplight gave me time to look out of my windshield and take in the rain and bright-lights. I love this kind of night.

This painting is 14x14x1.5" on canvas    

Nov 6, 2014

"Long Beach"

                                                   "long beach" 14x14 oil

Continuing on the series "Up Close & Personal" this is yet another.  With the light diminishing setting at a stop light it was perfect.  One shot with my iPhone and I was on my way with another image to be painted.

Nov 5, 2014

"Santa Monica"

                                                     "santa monica" 14x14

This is one of an ongoing series of paintings about light, rain and what happens when camera focus's on just the drops of water.  For me it is a magical moment both to see and then paint.   Stay tuned for more.  

Oct 14, 2014


                          "oil on wood size: 6x6x1.5 inch. get it now for $160 + s/h

 Knowing this was going to be a wonderful sunset I pull off on the shoulder kicking up gravel and dust.   I shut the engine, get out of my van and head out about 50 yards into the darkening desert.   After a time I found a place to get this shot.  I knelt down using these two posts of what was left of a fence protecting a long forgotten covered up hole in the ground.  Anyway, they made for a nice composition for this crazy artist out on the highways.
Tell next time.  Catch ya on the way back.